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About Us

SNG Global Trading Ltd was founded in 2012. The company “SNG Global Trading” operates in lumber-veneer market and offers to the customers a wide choice of materials for the doors and furniture production. Our company provides the materials which will be interesting for the producers who use natural veneer and lumber in their production and who are open-minded to the new trends of modern veneer-lumber industry.

Our warehouses are located in a big city of the Russian Federation and can satisfy some pretentious customers.

We provide the wild range of lumber. Beech, Oak and White Ash are from the South of Russia – Krasnodar region. Far East Ash and Oak are from Far East of Russia. Very popular species that you can find in our warehouse are Cherry, Maple, Lime tree and other. From exotic lumber you can purchase Wenge, American Walnut, Macore, Sapele, American white and red Oak.

Our stock line in natural veneer is also very impressive. Far East Ash, always trendy Oak, classical White Ash, glamorous Maple and plain Pine are very popular among door production producers. Our high-skilled specialists from purchasing department carefully select the best veneer on the market. The quality of Anigre veneer, Sepele Crown and Quarter, Macore, Cherry and other tropical species will surely attract your attention.

We offer an engineered veneer with many colors and patterns. Technology of producing the engineered veneer entered the market short time ago but has become popular very quickly. The secret is very simple. Engineered veneer allows to create a high-tech product which combines the beauty of natural wood and simplicity and convenience of artificial materials. Engineered veneer imitates colors and patterns of spices such as Oak, Wenge, American Walnut, Macore, Cherry and Anigre, African Ebony, Makassar.

Our systematic supply could provide a small producer, big factories and enterprises with the engineered veneer.

The main idea of our company is a partnership.

Our goal is to satisfy all requirements of our clients and partners. The high Quality of our staff and our products make our clients' work and production process be easier, trouble-free and more efficiency.

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